About Us

Shanghai Gascheme Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Gascheme Co., Ltd.  (SGC), an international provider of catalysts and adsorbents.

Relying on technical achievement of our research center, SGC devotes itself to the developing, manufacturing and distributing of catalysts and adsorbents to refineries, petrochemical and chemical industries.

SGC’s products are used widely for reforming, hydrotreating, steam-reforming, sulfur-recovery, hydrogen-production, synthetic gas, etc.

Under our modern producing facilities, in each of our producing step, careful attention is paid, and the quality of our producing materials, procedures and technologies are subject to a continuous improving.

SGC can help you to get the proper value for your investment with our qualified catalysts and adsorbents.

Our strong producing capacity can guarantee the timely delivery of our products to you.

Our strong and experienced technical service team can assist you in star-up, analysis, troubleshooting, catalyst management, etc.

SGC also supplies Engineering Basic Design for oil refining processes/units.